...and here is what a few of our clients have to say.

"Garry Waite was retained by Grupo VTP España as Project Manager for the prestigous Tikitano Beach Restaurant. He was responsible for interior design concepts as well as kitchen design , as well as all staff requirements and was responsible for the marketing and advertising of the operation in conjunction with the company’s marketing department. Tikitano Beach Restaurant opened to the public in March of 2003 and was a success from day one largely due to the quality and expertise of the management and staff. Under Garry’s direction turnover grew month on month. He is a good man manager, team leader and ‘mine host’ and was extremely popular with clients and staff alike. He can be recommended to others in the industry who are looking for a hardworking, conscientious project manager who can be relied upon to produce results."
Poul Anker Lübker, Managing Director, Grupo VTP España, Spain 2003

"Garry Waite was employed by this company as Consultant General Manager. He was responsible for turning the hotel around to the profitable operation it is today. He restructured the operation and achieved an F&B profit of 71%, staff costs of 38% and a GOP of 35%, which without his abilities would have been unobtainable. I can commend him to any future clients that require a highly professional operator with skills in public relations, man management, marketing and communications."
Bob Lesbirel, Managing Director, El Oceano Hotel and Beach Club. Spain 2001

"Garry Waite was retained by me on behalf of the Spanish based production company, to take over the running of accommodation and crew welfare due to the previous encumbent not being up to the task. If it had not been for his professionalism and organisational abilities the company would have been in worse difficulties."
Dusty Symonds, Production Executive, BBC Eldorado

"Garry Waite was retained by Electrolux Management Services as Project Director and eventually Consultant General Manager for the development of Club El Mediterraneo. This super luxury sports and leisure club rapidly gained a reputation of excellence largely due to his professionalism and dedication. He has a very thorough knowledge of the industry and excels as a communicator and marketer. He is also one of the rare animals on this Coast in terms of his honesty and integrity, both of which, in my experience, are unquestionable."
Mark Wardell, Area Manager, Vacation Care International, Spain

"With the Marbella Golf and Country Club he has set a new standard on the Coast which I suspect most golf clubs will only be able to dream of."
Mark Wardell, Area Manager, Vacation Care International, Spain

"Mr Waite was retained by this company to asist in the setting up of a head office structure to operate our hotels. He was further responsible for creating new lines of communication and streamlining existing ones. He came up with original concepts for the food and beverage operation and created new marketing concepts for local business. I found him creative, efficient, trustworthy and loyal and would recommend him for any project where creativity, sound business and marketing skills, and a sense of humour were a prime requisite."
Managing Director, Marbella Club Hotels, 1996

"Garry Waite was retained by this company as Consultant General Manager. He succeeded in putting together a first class team of people that enabled the club to achieve the highest possible standards of Food and Service. His professionalism was constantly in evidence and showed throughout the Club and his staff. I can recommend him for any project that requires solid professional management, public relations and communications skills."
Martin Stewart, Managing Director, Marbella Golf and Country Club, Spain

"During his time with us Garry Waite was instrumental in changing our catering operations and created for us a required new image. His professional expertise and natural good humour ensured his popularity to both this management and our clients alike. We heartily commend his services to other prospective clients in the industry."
David Riley, Managing Director, Club El Oceano. October 19

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