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Recent Hospitality Management Projects in Marbella, Puerto Banus and Nueva Andalucia

Oak Garden and Grill Puerto Banus In May of 2016 I was very pleased to be asked by the Chairman of La Sala Group to open their new operation OAK Garden and Grill, Puerto Banus, next to their existing successful 'La Sala Banus'. This fabulous open air garden restaurant was immediately busy largely due to the company's marketing skills. However the product was not right and a lot of effort by us and our team was needed to improve the operation. Eventually we were able to turn it around and it closed at the end of its first season on a high.

Funk Tapas Nueva Andalucia The next project we took on was one of our own. In Nueva Andalucia a restaurant called La Campana was available. One of the oldest established eateries in the area had ran for many years with great success, but a domestic situation with the owners meant that they closed it. The place was very tired and needed a lot of work doing to it. We converted the storeroom into a further extension to the main room and of course completely refurbished and decorated. During this period we also opened Funky Tapas in the same pueblo. This was a phenomenal success and soon built a great reputation. In the summer of 2016 the businesses were sold.

During the four year period from 2012 to 2016 we were retained by two businesses, both in Puerto Banus. One an existing restaurant on the front line and the other a new build.

Moda di Roma ristorante The existing restaurant had been going through a bad patch. Owned by a aged mother and son for many years it had lost its way. However we changed the colour scheme, revamped the menu, changed the kitchen staff put in new front of house management and turned it around for that season. Sadly the family disagreements meant that it could no longer survive through the winter and eventually closed and was sold as a shop.

Ikni restaurante Puerta Banus The new build was an existing 'shack' that had been everything from a sandwich bar to a bar and had never had success. We did advise the owner that this was perhaps not the best decision that she had made. She did have successful businesses in her home country and felt that she could get it right here. We rebuilt and refurbished the place completely. We recruited the team to run it including a couple of excellent chefs and created an interesting brasserie style menu. Despite my reservations the place started to do well. However after a short while the owner decided that she should take over the running of it as it was by then set up and running. She removed our manager and from then on it went down hill. The end coming when her husband went into the kitchen. It closed after about six months.

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